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Katashina, Gunma Prefecture – Japan

I have come to Katashina region of Japan every season since I moved here. It truly is a magnificent place that offers great fishing and epic scenery only a few hours from Tokyo. The public transit to get here is surprisingly easy too, so if you’ve got a Japan Rail Pass (and a little knowledge of the bus system) you are all set!.

Earlier this month I was fortunate to visit Katashina on two separate trips. The first trip was with Paul and John from Tenkara In Focus. They had spent the past two weeks or so traveling with Go Ishii all over Japan. Much of their trip had been spent gathering content for future Tenkara In Focus episodes; so they were jonesing for some fishing action, which I was happy to provide.

The second visit to Katashina was a few days later when I went to help my friend Kado-san clean out his small cabin. His “cabin” is right in the middle of the village and is actually a three century old refurbished silk factory. While I was there working I did manage to squeeze in two fishing sessions on the highly pressured yet beautiful Ogawa River, which runs right through the middle of town.

Due to the areas proximity to Tokyo and how many times I have visited the region I thought it would be a good idea to write a feature piece on the area. So without further ado here it is my first “centerpiece” article on the Katashina region of Japan.

Getting There

The nearest train station is Numata Station, which is 2.5 hours by shinkansen from Tokyo Station.

To get to the trailhead for Oze National Park, you’ll take the bus from Numata Station 沼田 – 群馬県 to the Oshimizu bus stop 大清水 – 群馬県, which takes 1.5 hours and will cost you ¥2,250.

If you want to get off in the village proper of Katashina you should plan to get off the bus early around the 鎌田上 stop.

There is plenty of lodging in the village but I prefer to camp. For restaurants and onsens there are several good options (I’ve only listed the ones I have been to).

  • Ramen (鎌田食堂)
  • Hokkori Onsen (ほっこりの湯)
  • TamaO Kitchen (ごはん屋 たまおKITCHEN)
  • Marunuma Onsen (加羅倉館)
  • Soba noodles and Tempura (そば源) This restaurant is back in Numata, but is very famous and worth a visit if you are in the area.

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