The Adventures Of A Tenkara Fanatic Living In Japan

Grandeco Ski Resort
yard sale verb A term used by skiers after a bad crash in which skis, ski poles, helmets, goggles, etc…
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Camping on the Tama River (多摩川)
I am currently wrapped in my sleeping bag, overlooking the Tama River and waiting for the sun to crest over
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Torikabuto – A Story of a Remote River Valley in Nagano Prefecture
Ever since the release of the video Fishing Café “Tenkara with Hisao Ishigaki” this April, it has become quite popular within the
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Backcountry Tenkara
With the end of the mountain stream season fast approaching I was itching for a bigger trip. Something I’ve wanted
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Iris River – Carp On The Fly
The Iris River, is a tributary to the mighty Arakawa River that forms the northern border of Tokyo. I discovered this
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Katashina, Gunma Prefecture – Japan I have come to Katashina region of Japan every season since I moved here. It
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izu skyline
Izu Skyline – The Beginnings of an Epic Adventure
Day 1 – Izu Skyline I am at the crest of bamboo covered knoll. The bamboo here grows like grass,
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Blue and White Flycatcher オオルリ
The mountains of Japan are a natural aviary, the perfect rest stop for migratory birds. The オオルリ(Oruri) also known as the Blue
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Honryu – A Tale Of A Remote Japanese River Valley
According to Keiichi Okushi’s interview on Tenkara Fisher a honryu is “When two or more of the rivers are joined, the flow
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Tenkara Japan
It has been just over a month since I have wet a fly. The last trip was a doozy though
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Visiting Japan
So you’re thinking about visiting Japan? While I’m certainly no expert at all things Japan, I have learned a thing
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Indicators and Tenkara
For the first three years I Tenkara’d almost exclusively with 3.5 weight level line. I dabbled for a bit with
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Welcome to Fallfish Tenkara – a collection of my tales of adventure in Japan. I have compiled it for two reasons: one, to have a venue for my artistic side; and two, to provide information and inspiration for those looking to travel and/or live in the magical country of Japan.