The Adventures Of A Tenkara Fanatic Living In Japan

Japan – Photobucket III (& random musings)
Japan Photobuckets I & II (random musings below) Water   Cuisine Temples & Shrines   Flora & Fauna Note: Godzilla
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fujinogawa, lake miyagase, tanzawa mountains, keiryu, tanzawa oyama quasi national park,
Fujinogawa 藤ノ川
Deep in the mountains of the Tanzawa Oyama Quasi-National Park surrounded by tall mountains shrouded in Japanese cedar, Hinoki cypress, Japanese mountain
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Otaru Light Festival
Every year the village of Otaru puts on a light festival in conjunction with the Sapporo Snow Festival. While the
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Plum Rain
From early June to late July is the monsoon season in Japan. To the Japanese it is known as Tsuyu (梅雨)
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Epidote Creek 緑簾石小川
Last week I wrote a post about visiting Japan. If you are a Tenkara angler, Epidote Creek is THE reason why you
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The Breakfast Club
I am not the party till you puke type. I also don’t like loud crowded clubs. But I do like
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Oshino – A Photo Exploration
Last week I headed back to Oshino Creek. I didn’t have a chance to fish the lower sections the first time I
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Genryu Tenkara
“Genryu” is the most upper part of a river, even upper part of “keiryu(mountain stream)” and here in Japan image
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Nihon Kawanezumi
Tenkara Fly Fishing, Off Piste Skiing, and Nihon Kawanezumi This week started out with one last ski tour before the end of the ’15/’16
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Exploring the Kamoshika’s Backyard
Curator’s Note: As I sit here at my computer sipping my second cup of coffee – the rain is falling
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Before I moved to Japan my wife’s Grandma emailed me an article about a tiny island, way out in the ocean
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photo bucket
Japan – Photobucket II
It has been a hot minute since I last did a Photobucket post (9 weeks to be exact) and now
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Welcome to Fallfish Tenkara – a collection of my tales of adventure in Japan. I have compiled it for two reasons: one, to have a venue for my artistic side; and two, to provide information and inspiration for those looking to travel and/or live in the magical country of Japan.