The Adventures Of A Tenkara Fanatic Living In Japan

Sansai Mountain Vegetables
A few months back Tenkara Fisher published this great interview with Kazuya Shimoda. Kazuya talked a lot about headwaters Tenkara deep within
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Ogawayama – A Rock Climber’s Paradise
Deep in the mountains on the Nagano-Yamaniashi prefectural borders lies a paradise that must be seen to be believed. The
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photo bucket
Japan – Photobucket II
It has been a hot minute since I last did a Photobucket post (9 weeks to be exact) and now
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Otaba-River, Otabagawa, Tama-River, Tokyo-Japan, Tenkara, Yamame
A Day on the Otaba River – 大丹波川
As I reflect back on the three days I spent in the Kanto Mountain Range (関東山脈) the highlight for me
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Blue and White Flycatcher オオルリ
The mountains of Japan are a natural aviary, the perfect rest stop for migratory birds. The オオルリ(Oruri) also known as the Blue
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Spring Rock Climbing In Ogawayama
I visited Ogawayama in the fall last year. The place is absolutely massive with a lifetime of rock climbing littered throughout
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Postfly Box Review
Over the past few months my fly collection had become dangerously depleted. On one trip alone I lost eight flies
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fujinogawa, lake miyagase, tanzawa mountains, keiryu, tanzawa oyama quasi national park,
Fujinogawa 藤ノ川
Deep in the mountains of the Tanzawa Oyama Quasi-National Park surrounded by tall mountains shrouded in Japanese cedar, Hinoki cypress, Japanese mountain
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Scouting the Headwater of the Yozukugawa
I recently had heard a rumor that there was an outdoor shop that stocked hand-made Tenkara rods in Yokosuka. The only
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Back in July my friend Junpei asked me if I wanted to go to a Japanese music festival on Hachijojima, a
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The Sagamigawa
Last week I came across an interesting article in my Twitter feed from the good folks at Hatch Magazine. Tenkara casting
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Japan Fishing Show 2017
This past weekend the Japan Fishing Show was held in Yokohama at the Pacific Convention Center. A few days prior my friend
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Welcome to Fallfish Tenkara – a collection of my tales of adventure in Japan. I have compiled it for two reasons: one, to have a venue for my artistic side; and two, to provide information and inspiration for those looking to travel and/or live in the magical country of Japan.