The Adventures Of A Tenkara Fanatic Living In Japan

Grandeco Ski Resort
yard sale verb A term used by skiers after a bad crash in which skis, ski poles, helmets, goggles, etc…
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Katashina, Gunma Prefecture – Japan I have come to Katashina region of Japan every season since I moved here. It
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West of Tokyo lies the mountain town of Hakone. Hakone is located in the heart of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and
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Iris River – Carp On The Fly
The Iris River, is a tributary to the mighty Arakawa River that forms the northern border of Tokyo. I discovered this
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Michi No Eki
One of the greatest Japanese inventions has to be the Michi No Eki or better known as “Roadside Station”. They
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yamabirugawa, yamame, trout, tenkara, fishing, mountains, keiryu
I have numerous things on my “to-do” list while living in Japan. For example, I’ve skied Japan’s famous powder and I’ve gotten
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Japanese Kit Kat
Though my first week in Japan was a blur of jet lag, a slight bout of food poisoning, unpacking, and culture
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Tenkara USA Ito Unboxing
From my balcony I can see Tokyo Bay, which is one of the top 10 busiest ports in the world.
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Pondering the Shokuryoshi
When dinosaurs roamed the planet, and long before the Shokuryoshi (discussed in detail later) entered the scene, the Izu Peninsula of Japan
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fish market
Tokyo Fish Market
The Tokyo Fish Market is a must see destination for anyone visiting Tokyo. It is located in the special ward
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Overlanding & Tenkara
Overlanding: “Self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is
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A Day Hike On Miura Peninsula
Authors Note: I have decided to start a semi-regular segment chronicling my day to day life in Japan. Everything in
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Welcome to Fallfish Tenkara – a collection of my tales of adventure in Japan. I have compiled it for two reasons: one, to have a venue for my artistic side; and two, to provide information and inspiration for those looking to travel and/or live in the magical country of Japan.