The Adventures Of A Tenkara Fanatic Living In Japan

Read Part I here After discovering a beautiful, yet strangely void of trout, keiryu I rallied at a local convenience
The mountains of Japan are a natural aviary, the perfect rest stop for migratory birds. The オオルリ(Oruri) also known as the Blue
Last week I headed back to Oshino Creek. I didn't have a chance to fish the lower sections the first time I
On the edge of Gunma and Niigata Prefecture lies an area that many refer to as "Little Alaska". While there
It has been just over a month since I have wet a fly. The last trip was a doozy though
Fujigoko (富士五湖), or Fuji Five Lakes in English, is a Japanese national treasure of exquisite and unbelievable beauty. My two
A few months into the off season without wetting a fly, the itch to catch some fish reached a fevered
Day 2 Part I - Exploring the Headwaters of the Tama River The sun woke me up right around 5:30am.
Before the age of graphite, carbon fiber, and fiber glass fishing rods were typically made out of bamboo. In Japan
The city of Nikko, located in Tochigi Prefecture, is quite popular with tourists. I had visited a few months ago
Daniel Galhardo, founder of Tenkara USA, recently released a Tenkara Podcast called Tenkara Cast. The content is interesting, well thought out,
Since becoming a father my Tenkara adventures have tapered off a little. This doesn't mean that my passion for the

Welcome to Fallfish Tenkara – a collection of my tales of adventure in Japan. I have compiled it for two reasons: one, to have a venue for my artistic side; and two, to provide information and inspiration for those looking to travel and/or live in the magical country of Japan.