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Exploring Kamoshika's Backyard

April 29, 2019

# Kanagawa Prefecture

I have been enchanted with Japanese trout and char since a stint teaching English in Japan some twenty years ago...

Mountain Huts

May 23, 2018

# Random

The mountain hut system in Japan is not only extensive but also many can be quite luxurious...


April 16, 2018

# Random

The old adage Good things must always come to an end rings especially true for me as I prepare to leave Japan...

Masayuki Yamano Bamboo

April 05, 2018

# Saitama Prefecture

I had the honor to learn the ancient Japanese craft of Edo Wazao from the third generation craftsman Masayuki Yamano. Over a period of two years he took me through every stage of building my own bamboo tenkara fishing rod...

Skiing Hokkaido

March 24, 2018

# Hokkaido Prefecture

My last proper adventure in Japan before moving back Stateside was a five day ski tour through Hokkaido with a few good buddies. We were driving and sleeping in a diesel 4x4 recreational vehicle while chasing the deepest Japow we could find...

Yamame Pink

March 11, 2018

# Shizuoka Prefecture

A short post to to share the work of a talented artist that I recently discovered named Yasunari Murakami...

Off Season

March 05, 2018

# Kanagawa Prefecture

A few months in the off season without wetting a fly, the itch to catch some fish reached a fevered pitch. My friend Go Ishii knew of a nice spot in Matsuda (松田町) in the Tanzawa Mountains of Kanagawa Prefecture. I had never been and so I was excited to check it out...

Connect - A Fly Fishing Movie

December 01, 2017

# Gear

The movie Connect, began my love affair w/ Japanese keiryu. In this post I take a closer look at the video that started it all & make a surprising discovery...

Lake Tanzawa

October 07, 2017

# Kanagawa Prefecture

There are two lakes in the Tanzawa Mountains, the namesake lake offers some great fishing. Despite the high pressure you can find solitude here...

Japanese Food

September 25, 2017

# Random

There is so much to love about Japan. The food is one of those things. Since moving to Japan ramen has become my most favorite food...

River Walk Magazine

July 26, 2017

# Gear

A pleasant afternoon stroll around Yokohama leads to the discovery of a new Japanese mountain fishing webzine called River Walk...

Tenkara Japan

July 17, 2017

# Random

Early Season Tenkara Adventures in Japan and Waka Poetry...

Mount Naeba

June 26, 2017

# Nagano Prefecture

Mount Naeba is widely known for its world class ski resort. However, it also offers some exciting fishing opportunities for the intrepid angler...

Norikura Kogen - Mt. Kengamine

May 07, 2017

# Nagano Prefecture

Norikura Kogen sits high above the city of Matsumoto, the area is actually an old volcano and it is comprised of 20+ peaks...

Zimmerbuilt Tailwaters Pack

April 17, 2017

# Gear

From the remote mountain streams, to slot-canyon climbs, & even trekking through old growth forests - the Zimmerbuilt Tailwaters Pack will not let you down...

Winter Tenkara

March 10, 2017

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Wind, ice, and a little snow cannot put a damper on my enthusiasm for the mountain stream fishing season opening and I head out in search in of Yamame & Iwana...

The Illustrious Keiryu Magazine

February 22, 2017


After quite a bit of sleuthing I have tracked down and mapped a plethora of keiryu and genryu featured in the great Japanese magazine "渓流"...

Discover Tenkara Review

February 07, 2017

# Random

The gentleman running Discover Tenkara have been hard at work churning out some first rate instructional and educational tenkara content. I offer my opinion on their work...

Japan Fishing Show 2017

January 25, 2017

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Perhaps one of the best fishing shows in the world, the amount of gear at the Japan Fishing Show is staggering...


November 25, 2016

# Chiba PrefectureShizuoka PrefectureKanagawa Prefecture

Typically the hardest month adventure wise for me is November. The ski areas are not yet open and the tenkara fishing season is closed pretty much everywhere. So, I set off on some alternate adventures...

Herabuna Bamboo Fishing Rod Craftsman

October 29, 2016

# Shizuoka Prefecture

Herabuna is a type of koi (carp) that resides in Japan and requires specialized fishing equipment to bring to hand. I visit a bamboo craftsman who has been making Herabuna fishing rods his whole life...


October 24, 2016

# Shizuoka Prefecture

Ayu are typically a territorial sea run fish that feeds on algae and are considered an elusive prize fish by many anglers in Japan...

Haze (aka Goby) Fishing

October 17, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

A popular game fish in Japan is called Haze, in English we know it as Goby. The Edogawa is a great location to fish for Haze and offers many riverside parks perfect for post fishing BBQ...

Genryu Tenkara

October 03, 2016

# Gunma Prefecture

Japanese genryu often offer a glimpse into Japans past when rivers flowed wild and free. I wrap up the 2016 season exploring a remote river system with two good friends...

Exploring Aizu

September 27, 2016

# Fukushima Prefecture

Deep in the majestic interior of Fukushima Prefecture are a lifetime of rivers and adventure just waiting to be discovered...

Nikko National Park

September 26, 2016

# Tochigi Prefecture

Nikko National Park is a majestic park filled with volcanic mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and streams. A wonderful spot for tenkara fly fishing...


September 18, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

Far off the east coast of Japan lies a volcano crater sticking out of the bright blue ocean that is the site of the smallest village in the country of Japan...


September 14, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

A short flight east into the middle of the Pacific from Tokyo lies an enchanting island chain rife with natural beauty both above and below the sea...

Blue and White Flycatcher オオルリ

September 05, 2016

# Kanagawa Prefecture

The mountains of Japan are a natural aviary, the perfect rest stop for migratory birds, including the Blue and White Flycatcher with a distinct call...


August 20, 2016

# Niigata Prefecture

Each year towards the end of August great tall sprouts of golden grass with soft florets called Susuki erupt from the ground en-masse signaling the coming fall equinox and the end of the mountain stream fishing season...


August 13, 2016

# Kanagawa Prefecture

A stop at a locally handcrafted gift shop I stumble upon the very thing needed to complete my tenkara anglers ensemble...

Tenkara Shop in Tokyo - Groundstore

August 03, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

I visit a small tenkara shop in a quaint suburb of Tokyo and discover an eastern twist on western tenkara...

谷太郎川 (The TaniTaro River)

July 30, 2016

# Kanagawa Prefecture

While searching for new water to explore I come across a river system that I had driven past numerous times but never noticed that look very promising...


July 25, 2016

# Tochigi Prefecture

I visit the illustrious city of Nikko but not to fish, just site seeing. There is plenty of fishing action though...

Tenkara Strike Indicators

July 02, 2016

# Random

Tenkara with indicators can revolutionize your fly fishing, but Tenkara is supposed to be simple is adding another tool to the "tool box" really necessary???

Pondering the Shokuryoshi

June 29, 2016

# Nagano Prefecture

Shokuryoshi were Tenkara anglers from a by-gone age, who fished the keiryu of Japan for a living. Their ingenuity has given us Tenkara as we know it today...


June 17, 2016

# Shizuoka Prefecture

Located within the heart of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, lies the town of Hakone. The area boasts many attractions and even a few decent rivers to fish...

Minakami - Headwaters of the Tone River

June 03, 2016

# Gunma Prefecture

The town of Minakami is only two hours from Tokyo. However, it is a great destination for those looking to escape the madness of Tokyo & find some serenity...

Black Ship Festival

May 27, 2016

# Shizuoka Prefecture

Every year in Shimoda, near the tip of Izu Peninsula, hosts the Black Ship Festival. It is a festival to celebrate Japan's first contact with the western world...

Spring Rock Climbing In Ogawayama

May 25, 2016

# Nagano Prefecture

I visited Ogawayama in the fall last year. The place is absolutely massive with a lifetime of rock climbing littered throughout the alpine valley. So, naturally I had to return to sample a little more of the magic of this place...

Nihon Kawanezumi

May 06, 2016

# Nagano PrefectureKanagawa Prefecture

Deep in the river valleys of Japan, away from pollution and too much interference by man, lives the endangered Nihon Kawanezumi or Japanese River Shrew...

Mount Amagi and Amago

May 02, 2016

# Shizuoka Prefecture

Mount Amagi is the highest mountain on Izu Peninsula topping out at 1405 meter. From this mountain flows numerous keiryu teeming with Amago...

Michi No Eki

April 21, 2016

# Random

Michi No Eki are located along national highways and provide free parking space, restrooms, and regional tourist information for road travelers...

Honryu - A Tale Of A Remote Japanese River Valley

April 15, 2016

# Kanagawa Prefecture

According to Keiichi Okushi's interview on Tenkara Fisher a honryu is defined as "When two or more of the rivers are joined, the flow that forms the most fundamental"...

Overlanding & Tenkara

April 05, 2016

# Yamanashi Prefecture

Fallfish Tenkara & Explmore team up for a great day of overlanding and Tenkara in the Tanzawa Mountains...

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

March 31, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

It is that time of the year where the cherry blossoms bloom creating a sea of flowers that blanket a landscape that just a few short weeks prior was barren...

Yamame Queen of the Mountains

March 24, 2016

# Kanagawa Prefecture

The Yamame is relatively small trout that inhabits cold mountain streams throughout Japan. It is an absolutely beautiful fish with very striking markings...


March 17, 2016

# Britain

I head out to the United Kingdom in search of wild Grayling and Brown Trout...


March 07, 2016

# Akita PrefectureIwate Prefecture

Yūgen is the sudden awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses that are too mysterious and deep for words...

Building a custom camper van

February 27, 2016

# Random

I begin construction on a custom camper microvan aka Kei van for Tenkara adventures in Japan...

Otaru Light Festival

February 14, 2016

# Hokkaido Prefecture

The Otaru Light Festival happens during the Sapporo Snow Festival. However, the light festival is the exact opposite of its massive commercial sister event...

Japanese Kit Kat

February 12, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

Though my first week in Japan was a blur of jet lag, a slight bout of food poisoning, and culture shock - one memory that stood out were the Kit Kat...

Sapporo Snow Festival

February 10, 2016

# Hokkaido Prefecture

The Sapporo Snow Festival is a great reason to visit Hokkaido. This year there were 208 individual snow sculptures...

Iris River - Carp on the fly

February 05, 2016

# Saitama Prefecture

The Iris River is a beautiful Carp river tha is a tributary of the mighty Arakawa in the northern suburbs of Tokyo...

Toshimaen Fishing Park

February 03, 2016

# Saitama Prefecture

During the hot Tokyo summers' Toshimaen Water Park is a great spot to cool off, but during the winter it becomes the famous Toshimaen Fishing Park...

Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival

January 18, 2016

# Nagano Prefecture

The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan & is held in January every year to pray for a plentiful harvest and good luck...

Ice Climbing in Nagano

January 14, 2016

# Nagano Prefecture

I explore a man made ice climbing outdoor training facility nestled in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture...

Tama River Bass Fishing

January 07, 2016

# Tokyo Prefecture

The Tama River Bass fishing is reported to be exceptional. Its close proximity to nearly 40 million people ensures that the fishing pressure is high...

Japanese Architecture

January 03, 2016

# Random

I explore the Japanese architecture that boasts influences from around the world, which makes for some beautiful and unique abodes...

Kamakura Alps

December 29, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

I explores the Kamakura Alps and discovers exquisite temples, babbling brooks, and some fly tying material...

Grandeco Ski Resort

December 11, 2015

# Fukushima Prefecture

I head into the southern portion of the Tohoku Region of Japan for some early season skiing and find a winter paradise...


November 29, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Yabusame is the traditional Japanese form of horseback archery...


November 23, 2015

# Yamanashi Prefecture

Aokigahara goes by many names, some call it the Sea of Trees others Suicide Forest. Located on the flank of Mount Fuji it is a place of mysterious beauty...


November 14, 2015

# Yamanashi Prefecture

Fujigoko also known as the Fuji Five Lakes is a region of unsurpassable beauty, charm, peace, and stunning vistas...


November 09, 2015

# Random

I discuss the ins and outs of the culture, etiquette, and importance of the Japanese onsen (aka hot springs)...

Tokyo Fish Market

October 30, 2015

# Tokyo Prefecture

The Tokyo Fish Market is a hodgepodge of pandemonium, shops, speeding scooters, crowds, and sea creatures of every size, color, and smell...


October 26, 2015

# Shizuoka Prefecture

I head out to Izu Peninsula in search of Amago - Amago are a sub-species of the salmon family and spend part of their lives in the ocean...

Ogawayama - A rock climbers paradise

October 20, 2015

# Nagano Prefecture

Ogawayama is a rock climber's paradise with the nearby mountains covered in several lifetimes worth of rock climbing adventure...

The Sagamigawa

October 16, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Heading out into a windy wet day to test a new line concoction I read about online...

Photobucket II

October 15, 2015

# Random

A compilation of photos from the past year's adventures...

Kadoya Outdoor Shop

October 10, 2015

# Random

The one and only Kadoya Outdoor Shop. A unique business model that more outdoor shops should embody, imho...

Climbing the "Mountain Of Death"

October 07, 2015

# Gunma Prefecture

I risk it all (okay that might be a slight exaggeration) to climb the infamous Mountain of Death also known as Mt. Tanigawa...

Bear Creek

October 05, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

The second part of my day begins tucked deep into a remote region of the Tanzawa Mountains close to a promising looking babbling keiryu...

End of the tenkara season (Part I)

October 01, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

The end of the Tenkara mountain stream fishing season is September 30. So, I braved the madness to find some trout on the last day of the season...

Silver Week Tenkara

September 26, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Deep in the Tanzawa Mountains there is a mystical waterfall that had me asking "I wonder what lies above it?" everytime I looked upon it. Well I grew tired of wondering and set off to find out...

Visiting Tokyo Disney and DisneySea

September 21, 2015

# Random

I fully immerse myself in tourist mode in early September ticking off several must see places in the Land of the Rising Sun...

Backcountry Tenkara

September 18, 2015

# Yamagata Prefecture

I set off on my first multi-day backcountry off the grid tenkara trip deep in the wild lands of Yamagata Prefecture...

Tanazawa Mountains

September 10, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Will an epic thunderstorm keep me from exploring a new river in the Tanazawa Mountains???

The Breakfast Club

September 04, 2015

# Random

A wonderful izakaya a short walk from my home that I have grown quite fond of over the years...


September 01, 2015

# Gunma Prefecture

Iwana, a beautiful and colorfully spotted char, is mostly a landlocked fish due to the multitude of dams and weirs on the Japanese mountain streams...

Oze National Park

August 30, 2015

# Gunma Prefecture

After a long hard summer of guiding I am in sore need of a break and a perfect opportunity presents itself...

A Tenkara Summer

August 23, 2015

# Random

Checking in with a quick update before a big trip after a busy few weeks...

Mizusawa River

July 29, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

I explore the Mizusawa River, a small mountain stream near Tokyo, and find a beautiful creek teeming with small Yamame...

Meboso Flies

July 23, 2015

# Random

It has been awhile since I last put together a flies article. Here I have compiled a few of my best flies, in terms of results, for your viewing pleasure..

Headwaters Fishing Near Tokyo

July 18, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

I escape the sweltering summer heat and get knee deep in an unexplored mountain stream...

Climbing Mount Fuji

July 09, 2015

# Mount Fuji

Snow in July!? Climbing the tallest mountain in Japan is non stop adventure from top to bottom...

Plum Rain

July 03, 2015

# Yamanashi Prefecture

It may be the wettest monsoon season to strike Japan in a long time but that does not slow down the fishing action...

Sansai Mountain Vegetables

June 27, 2015

# Niigata Prefecture

A new friend teaches me all about the bounty found throughout the Japanese mountains - wild vegetables...

Epidote Creek 緑簾石小川

June 23, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Fresh off of the plane I head into the mountains to clear my head and catch a few trout...

Visiting Japan

June 20, 2015

# Random

A few helpful pointers for anyone considering a trip to Japan...

Fujinogawa 藤ノ川

May 23, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Deep in the mountains of the Tanzawa Oyama Quasi-National Park surrounded by tall mountains shrouded in Japanese cedar, Hinoki cypress...


May 14, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

I have ticked off numerous things on my "to-do" list while living in Japan. For example, I have skied Japan's famous powder and I have gotten lost in Tokyo. But...

Doshi River at the Sasakune Village

May 11, 2015

# Yamanashi Prefecture

The weather last week was absolutely spectacular. Low humidity, temps in the mid 70's, and lots of sunshine. It felt like a crime to not be out and about in the mountains...

A Day on the Otaba River - 大丹波川

April 29, 2015

# Tokyo Prefecture

As I reflect back on the three days I spent in the Kanto Mountain Range (関東山脈) the highlight for me was the last day which was spent exploring Otaba River...

Camping on the Tama River (多摩川)

April 15, 2015

# Tokyo Prefecture

I am currently wrapped in my sleeping bag, overlooking the Tama River and waiting for the sun to crest over the hillside...

Discovering Oshino Creek

March 20, 2015

# Yamanashi Prefecture

Oshino Creek located within a Japanese National Monument offers superb fishing...

A Day on Ogusugawa

January 22, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

In search of a trout stream near my home...

Fishing Uratanzawa

January 20, 2015

# Kanagawa Prefecture

Exploring a new river during a cold snap...