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Postfly Box Review

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Over the past few months my fly collection had become dangerously depleted. On one trip alone I lost eight flies to underwater snags, large fish, and tree branches. Flies sold at the mega fishing stores in Japan are not only expensive but they tend to fall apart quickly. Then I came across Postfly Box, a fly mail delivery service, and figured it was worth a shot.

Postfly Box offers Trout, Bass, Saltwater, and Steelhead fly subscriptions with the option to “beef up” the fly count so that if you lose that ‘magic fly you’ll have an extra in your box’. You can opt for the basic one month subscription all the way up to a yearly subscription. I opted for the basic trout fly subscription, which only costs $15 a month  – shipping included (I can knock that down to $12 a month if I opt for the 1 year subscription at $144)!

Last week I got my first shipment of flies.

There had been a mixup with my address, so I got both the May and June flies in one shipment. It included the Schlappen Bugger, Stone Bomb, Foam Dun Profile, Adam’s Split Flag, Missing Link, Adam’s Superfly, Loco Beetle, Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, Ought-O-Cad, Visible Caddis, Hat Creek Spider, Para Extended Body, Panty Dropper, Power Ant, Tweaker with an Illness, Cicada, Edible Caddis, Little Brown Bug, Fake Dry, Mother’s Superior, Pulsating Caddis Pupa, Fat Head Moth, Schlotter’s Ant, Sexy Sally, and the Goofball.

Postfly Box sells a lot of other fly fishing gear besides flies such as; t-shirts, hats, leaders, and even Tacky Fly Boxes. I opted to get a Tacky Day Pack with my first shipment as I had really liked the full sized Tacky Fly Box but was looking for a smaller option for genryu Tenkara trips.

They even threw in a few stickers and beer coozies too!

Armed with my new flies I headed out to Oshino Creek!

Caveat: As I’ve gained experience with Tenkara I have moved from the “One Pattern Kebari” camp more towards the western mindset of “matching the hatch” While I’ve experienced success with only fishing a few patterns and sizes of the Japanese Kebari I have more fun when I have a lot of flies to choose from. For me part of the excitement of Tenkara fly fishing is tying on a new pattern and seeing how it works (I rig exclusively with the Speed Knot so tying on a new fly takes a few seconds).

According to Postfly Box…

…[the] Sexy Sally has been downright deadly when drifted through slower pools and pockets, and the Mother Superior has been fooling just about every trout from here to Pacific Ocean.

Well they can add Japan to the list of places those flies are working! The fish were going absolutely bonkers for those flies as well as the Fat Head Moth, Schlotter’s Ant, Loco Beetle (literally every pool fish were fighting each other to chomp this fly), Panty Dropper, Tweaker with an Illness (seriously, who comes up with these names!?) and I caught a gorgeous Yamame with the #8 emerger Mother Superior (I even almost caught a duck with the Goofball on a slow drift past some reeds).

So far I’m very happy with my Postfly Box subscription and knowing I have flies coming every month allows me to focus my energies on finding new water to fish. I should mention that their customer service while superb (Brian was very helpful) it can be a little slow – honestly though I can’t blame em’ as it is prime time for fishing and who wants to troll through emails at the office when you could be out fishing?

Lastly, I would be super psyched if Postfly Box offered a Carp subscription. As of October 1 all genryu and keiryu Trout fishing in Japan ceases and I’ll be restricted to the Carp rivers near Tokyo till the Trout season starts again March 1.
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Author’s Note: I received absolutely no compensation from Postfly Box to write this review. I paid for their services and took it upon myself to review their product. All Fallfish Tenkara Gear Reviews are uncompensated and unsolicited reviews of my personal gear. 

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