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Kadoya Outdoor Shop

October 10, 2015

Recently I wrote about The Breakfast Club, which is one of my favorite bars in Yokosuka. While the Breakfast Club is a great place to go for food and a mean highball. If you are looking for a place with a little more class and an extensive selection of wine and sake then look no further than the Kadoya Outdoor Shop.

the bar

Now you may be asking yourself "Wait. Did he just say 'outdoor shop' and 'extensive selection of wine and sake' in the same sentence?!" Yes, yes I did - and after visiting this place several times I have begun asking myself why there is not more places like this in the world. I mean seriously what is the best way to overcome buyers remorse than the pleasant and refreshing aroma of smoked trout washed down with an impeccable glass of sake from Niigata? Or loosening someone's tight grip of their wallet with a fruity yet smoky red wine from Argentina? Putting a high class bar in the entrance to an outdoor shop that carries hand made bamboo fly rods, Mystery Ranch packs, Patagonia down-jackets, and Arc'Teryx outerwear is right up there in the pantheon of the world's greatest ideas.

Magazine feature

The owner of both the bar and the outdoor shop (they are in the same building) is none other than Kado-san Tenkara sensei. The bartender, Masa-san, is a culinary genius. Stop in on any given day and he will offer you smoked Iwana, Buna seeds, and a cornucopia of other various dishes that will make you never want to leave. The fact that much of the fare offered at the Kadoya Bar is harvested and foraged for during various trips into the mountains is a very cool and hip idea. For example these mushrooms, that were sold at the bar for a limited time, were harvested during our recent back-country tenkara adventure! Or the Sansai we foraged for during a trip to Niigata Prefecture in June was also sold at the Kadoya Bar. Talk about fresh and organic :)


So if you find yourself in Tokyo hop on the Keikyu line to the Yokosuka-chuo station. From the station it is a short eight minute walk to the Kadoya Outdoor Shop/Bar.

Sake with friends

Enjoying some delicious sake with some great friends.

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Written by Isaac Tait who now lives in San Diego but dreams of returning, one day, to Japan. You should follow him on Twitter.