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Japanese Kit Kat

February 12, 2016

Though my first week in Japan was a blur of jet lag, a slight bout of food poisoning, unpacking, and culture shock - one memory that stands out clearly from the blur was my first Japanese candy store. As I walked by the window of the candy store I could literally hear the glossy and colorful packaging calling my name and when I stepped inside I was greeted with a floor to ceiling display of Japanese Kit Kat candies. These were not your typical boring "one flavor and that is it" American version of Kit Kat, but rather a delectable cornucopia of flavors. I bought every flavor the store had for sale!

Last year my wife and I visited one of the largest Wasabi farms in Japan. Real Wasabi (not the green dyed horseradish kind) is delicious. Adding it to a Kit Kat is nothing short of pure genius!

Not everyone is a fan of Red Bean Paste, I am not one of those people. I LOVE it!

One thing I will say about all these flavors is that if you find one you really enjoy, you better stock up now. The "umpa lumpas" are hard at work within the Nestle chocolate factory churning out new recipes and flavors all the time. After a while the flavors are fazed out and no longer sold (although they are resurrected from time to time depending on market demand - so do not give up hope if you cannot find your favorite flavor).

On a trip through Nagano, which is renowned throughout Japan for its Apples, we came across Apple Kit Kats. It turns out many Japanese Prefectures (or regions) have their own flavors of Kit Kat!

There is no shortage of dessert and candy dining options in Japan. Their monomania with sweets is commendable (and highly appreciated). I would not be surprised if there were more candy and dessert shops than Pachinko parlors in Japan! There is a Kit Kat store near the Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo. It is the Seibu Department store on the 1st Basement Floor (1BF) of the Green (middle) A7 section. Good luck finding it right away - I had to wander around a little till I found a map in English.

Check out that chandelier made of Kit Kat candies!

The store even has a display talking about the history of Kit Kat in Japan, which I thought was pretty cool.

Lots of options for desserts and other sweets to tempt you in this section of the department store.

The Kit Kat Chocolatery was the only shop on this floor with a line. It did not help that Valentine's Day was coming up soon...

Totemo Oishii Desu!

Written by Isaac Tait who now lives in San Diego but dreams of returning, one day, to Japan. You should follow him on Twitter