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Japan Fishing Show 2017

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This past weekend the Japan Fishing Show was held in Yokohama at the Pacific Convention Center. A few days prior my friend Go Ishii-san messaged me and asked if I would like to attend. He said he needed some help getting footage for an upcoming episode of Tenkara In Focus episode. He also knew I was in the market for a new Japanese tenkara rod – what better place could one ask for to shop around for a new Tenkara rod!? Obviously I accepted his invitation!

The day of the show dawned sunny and very cold. The conference center was only a 30 minute train ride from home and so in short order I was standing in the massive Pacific Convention Center surrounded by all manner of fishing paraphernalia! It was an anglers (of any bent) dream come true. There was gear everywhere – a massive forest of rods, decked out fishing vans, kayaks, SUPs, various regional tourist destination booths, a pond filled with Rainbow trout for the kids to fish in, a dance troupe, demos, give aways, and an epic food court!

I got to play with a bunch of Tenkara rods from Shimano, Tenryu (that TF39TA sure is sexy!!), Daiwa, and Gamakatsu to name a few. There were even a few fly tiers from many regions of Japan offering not only trout flies but Ayu flies as well. Many of the fluorocarbon and nylon line manufacturers were on hand too. And of course I got to rub elbows with some famous anglers!

After the show the Sebatta-san gang went out for a delicious dinner – I had to duck out of the festivities a little early though due to newborn baby duties 🙂

Overall, it was an amazing experience made even better by the great company. You can look forward to a more in depth report from Tenkara In Focus coming soon!

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