“From Heaven” or as the Japanese knew it for centuries – Tenkara. Social media is blowing up with people getting hooked (pun intended) on Tenkara. I became so attached to the purity of catching the most beautiful fish in the world in such a simplistic manner, that I pulled up roots and moved half way around the world, to the place where Tenkara started. Of course I was also motivated by my wife’s career, the worlds best powder and superb sushi (probably the best food in the entire world imo). I could not wait to get knee deep in a Japanese stream and watch my fly drift down a swift mountain stream and the tell tale silvery flash of an impending strike.

Then I got to Japan and realized it wasn’t going to be so easy. A lot of the information I have compiled is available online. However, it took me countless hours to find it, decipher it, ponder the unintelligible translation, and develop a hypothesis. It also involved a healthy amount of trial and error.

I started this blog for two reason. One I needed a creative outlet. And the second reason was that I wanted to help transplanted foreigners and tourists with a site where a wealth of information could be found in one spot.

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