Fallfish Tenkara endorses these individuals and companies (listed alphabetically).

They keep it real in the wide and diverse Tenkara community.

Be sure to visit their sites and I am sure you will agree with me.

Badger Tenkara


I’ve been fishing with their rods from the beginning – from Maryland to Texas and throughout Japan they have never let me down. As far as bang for your buck goes, their rods are hard to beat – and their customer service is top notch too!

Discover Tenkara UK


I had the distinct honor of fishing with Paul and John in the early Spring of 2016, on one of “their” rivers near the Peak District. John guided my wife and I and helped me get my first Grayling and my wife’s first fish (a gorgeous Brown Trout) on a Tenkara rod (the second fish in her entire life)! I have also been a long time subscriber to Paul’s tutorial emails. Now they’ve launched Tenkara In Focus. They also make some great rods. Paul and John are great ambassadors for Tenkara around the world and I am happy to add them to my list of fishing buddies.

Tenkara Fisher

Where do you begin with a guy like Adam Trahan? His site, Tenkara Fisher, is one of the first Tenkara websites to hit the world wide web in 2009 when Tenkara had just been discovered in the USA. My development as a Tenkara angler has been influenced in untold ways through the content, direction, advice, and community his site provides. We met for the first time in Aizu where he introduced me to some of the greatest names in Tenkara. Due to a typhoon we weren’t able to do any fishing together, but I hope that changes sooner rather than later.