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Climbing The Mountain Of Death

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On the edge of Gunma and Niigata Prefecture lies an area that many refer to as “Little Alaska”. While there are numerous jagged mountains scraping the heavens, the king of the area is without a doubt the majestic Mount Tanigawa (Tanigawadake) but it is also known as the Mountain of Death. Tanigawadake has garnered this foreboding monicker because in the last 85 years or so it has killed over 800 climbers (that is four times as many deaths as Mount Everest and K2 combined in the same time frame)!

So when my friend Tetsuya asked me if I could help guide a group up the mountain, I was intrigued but slightly skeptical since I had never been there before. He assured me that we were taking an easy trail and he needed my help with driving more than my prowess on the trail anyways – plus the leaves were turning and we would be staying in a lodge famous for its BBQ. How could I refuse such an offer?

Rather than go on a long diatribe about the trip, I’ll let my photos do the talking. Before I go I will mention that the lodge we stayed in, The Tenjin Lodge is owned by a wonderful and friendly family. While we ate a delicious BBQ dinner their 4 year old daughter put on an interactive play for the dinner guests using her stuffed animals, bath toys, and a cardboard box as props. It was an evening I will not soon forget. Kieren & Bo. (the owners) both have a wealth of knowledge about the area and are happy to bend your ear with all manner of amazing stories too. So if you are in the area be sure to stop in and experience some great Japanese hospitality with an Australian/Korean twist!

mountain of death-tanigawadake-gunma prefecture-hiking-japan-fall colors
Stunning vista like this were enjoyed the whole way up (and down) the mountain
mountain of death-tanigawadake-gunma prefecture-hiking-japan-shoulder hut
The shoulder hut with Okinomimitanigawadake in the background

mountain of death-tanigawadake-gunma prefecture-hiking-japan-Shigekuradaketanigawadake


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