Masayuki Yamano Bamboo

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A Year Learning from a Japanese Bamboo Craftsman a.k.a. Wazao Shokunin I first met Masayuki Yamano in September of 2016 at the Bansho in Fukushima Prefecture (more details here). Little did I know then how much he would impact my life. Now that I am back in the United States I … Read More

Yamame Pink

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Today is a short post to to share the work of a talented artist that I recently discovered named Yasunari Murakami. Like many of the good things I have discovered, I came across Murakami-san’s artwork via Twitter (thank you @WakabayashiWalk) Mr. Murakami-san was born in 1955 in Gifu Prefecture. He is the author … Read More

River Walk Magazine

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At the emphatic suggestion from a good friend of mine I headed up to Yokohama with my son to check out a soup curry restaurant called Kikuya ∙ Curry. The restaurant is located within walking distance from both the Hinodecho Station and the Sakuragicho Station. The restaurant is small seating only … Read More

Zimmerbuilt Tailwaters Pack

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Don’t let the name fool you, the Zimmerbuilt Tailwaters Pack is just at home in the ultra-remote drainages that I actively seek out; as it is in the more accessible waters found below hydraulic structures (as its name might imply). After several outings with my Zimmerbuilt Tailwaters Pack I have … Read More

Japanese Keiryu (Mountain Stream) Magazine

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I for one thoroughly enjoy every issue of the Japanese Keiryu (a.k.a. Mountain Stream) Magazine. Even though I cannot understand most of what is written (Google Translate only gets one so far) I am enthralled by the photography – and the maps. I am always interested to see where exactly … Read More

Discover Tenkara Review

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If you have spent any time in the Tenkara community you have most likely heard of Discover Tenkara. Whether it is because of their line of Tenkara rods, the email tutorial series, or the superb YouTube channel “Tenkara In Focus” they are building quite the name for  themselves in our … Read More

Japan Fishing Show 2017

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This past weekend the Japan Fishing Show was held in Yokohama at the Pacific Convention Center. A few days prior my friend Go Ishii-san messaged me and asked if I would like to attend. He said he needed some help getting footage for an upcoming episode of Tenkara In Focus episode. He … Read More

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