Exploring the Kamoshika’s Backyard

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Curator’s Note: As I sit here at my computer sipping my second cup of coffee – the rain is falling on the San Diego North County coastal chaparral land. In the background I am watching a video titled “テンカラの春 2019 Tenkara spring”. Since returning to the USA I have been … Read More

Mountain Huts

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One of my favorite Japan adventure blogs is Ridgeline Images, and it is all about hiking and backpacking in Japan (mostly in the vicinity of Tokyo). I have been following the blog for several years now and have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts. A few days ago he published an article about … Read More


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When I was younger I had no concept of time, I thought I would be young forever. My first real realization of time came when I was 17 and I joined the US Marine Corps. Suddenly, as I was standing on those yellow footprints, I realized: “13 weeks is a … Read More


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Back in February three friends and I rented an RV and spent some time touring Hokkaido on our skis. I have been super busy with an international move and ticking off items on my “must do before leaving Japan” list – hence the month plus delay in posting this trip … Read More

Off Season

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A few months into the off season without wetting a fly, the itch to catch some fish reached a fevered pitch. My friend Go Ishii knew of a nice spot in Matsuda (松田町) tucked away deep in the Tanzawa Mountains of Kanagawa Prefecture. I had never been and so I … Read More

Lake Tanzawa

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I have always met the end of the mountain stream fishing season here in Japan with a bit of wistfulness. The close of this season was a little more pensive for me though than usual. This season was my final full keiryu angling season as a resident of Japan. It has … Read More

Japanese Food

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Japan is an awesome country, not only is the fishing a lot of fun but there are hundreds of thousands of places to see, experience to absorb, and a culinary cornucopia of taste on every street corner. While Fallfish Tenkara has focused mostly on the first two I have not really … Read More

Tenkara Japan

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It has been just over a month since I have wet a fly. The last trip was a doozy though so I cannot be too upset. As a sort of consolation, this July I have been on numerous hikes and beach trips with my son Tadashi and his aunt and … Read More

Mount Naeba

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Akiyamago 秋山郷 On the western flank of Mount Naeba there are twelve tiny villages that are tucked into a rugged and remote valley. The area is known as Akiyamago. Even though it is fairly close to Tokyo the area does not see a lot of pressure, plus there are numerous rivers … Read More


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Katashina, Gunma Prefecture – Japan I have come to Katashina region of Japan every season since I moved here. It truly is a magnificent place that offers great fishing and epic scenery only a few hours from Tokyo. The public transit to get here is surprisingly easy too, so if you’ve … Read More

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