Silver Week & Tenkara

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There is a waterfall deep in the Tanzawa Mountains. What intrigues me the most with this waterfall is not its stature (it’s only a scant 12 meters in height) but the relentless, voluminous, crystal clear and turquoise hue of the water. I first came across this waterfall last winter which is when, the trees and bushes have lost their green finery, you can easily see an old wooden ladder bolted to the cliff beside the waterfall. However, during the spring and summer when the greenery engulfs the countryside the ladder nearly disappears from sight and only the memory of it remains.

Tanzawa Mountains

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The Tanzawa Mountains in Japan are a blessing and here’s why. Tokyo is the largest city in the world in terms of population. This summer was a record breaker for heat in Japan, with temperatures reaching 100˚F (that may not seem so bad but when you factor in 80%+ humidity … Read More

Fujinogawa 藤ノ川

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Deep in the mountains of the Tanzawa Oyama Quasi-National Park surrounded by tall mountains shrouded in Japanese cedar, Hinoki cypress, Japanese mountain maple, and Japanese beech is a network of mountain streams. These streams terminate in the majestic Miyagase Lake, which interestingly enough is a man-made lake that took nearly three decades to … Read More

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