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Back in February three friends and I rented an RV and spent some time touring Hokkaido on our skis. I have been super busy with an international move and ticking off items on my “must do before leaving Japan” list – hence the month plus delay in posting this trip report. As I write this I am sitting in Los Angeles enjoying some exquisite Mexican food, In-N-Out, and driving on highways that don’t cost an arm and a leg – but I am missing my friends and this upcoming keiryu tenkara and sansai season, which is sure to be epic! If you can get to Japan this year DO IT!

First tour (for me). Headed up Furanodake.

I am experimenting with a new format; heavy on photos and light on words – because as you know they say “pictures speak a thousand words”. Here’s a map of where we went… If you want more beta hit me up.

The day of the trip, before I had to head to the airport I took my son to lunch. He got this for his “kids meal toy” – I thought it was fitting
As they say “when in Rome…” rocking the face mask on the way to the airport
Next stop Hokkaido, as I snapped this photo I was wondering if I would freeze to death or not
On the Keikyu Express to Haneda Airport
Meeting the guys at the airport – next stop Furanodake
My friend Scott and our trusty steed.
As we pulled into the Furanodake parking lot someone was leaving – so we got front row parking!
Best meal of the trip was a hole in the wall izakaya suggested to us by another hole in the wall sake shop owner! I love Japan
Tomamu Resort is legit, good food and an epic gear shop. “How much is the limit on my American Express again?”
45cm of snow on the road. Good thing we have a diesel 4×4
If you think the front side of Tomamu is fun try the backside!
Getting ready for an epic day of inbound face shots!
Seco Mart found only in Hokkaido has some great grub!

A video compilation from our trip.

Downtown Sapporo is a must visit if you’re in the area
Lunch break on Furanodake with sketchy conditions
Epic turns here we come
Ich, Ni, San Cheesu – Kevin and I getting in on the tourist photo op action
Japanese curry
Earning our turns
So much terrain! I need at least a week
Bushwacking on skis through a boscage is really hard work, especially on the last day
After nearly a mile of ascending we were starving!
Horotachi is a small local resort with only one lift – and some fun albeit short runs
Our fearless leader Junpei enjoying the downtown Sapporo light festival after a delicious meal
You gotta love Japlish
This little guy looks pretty cute but his bigger brother and sisters aren’t so cute…
This is harder than it looks
Sunset over Lake Shikotsu on the last day headed back to the airport

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  1. Ronald Bennett
    | Reply

    Your posts are just beautiful…..I love the photos and the whole composition of your story.

    • isaacmtait
      | Reply

      Thank you Ronald, I am glad you enjoyed it. Doesn’t quite do justice to the adventure though 😀

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