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Experimenting with flies for cold water Tenkara

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Since the Tenkara fishing season kicked off just over a month ago I have found that the trout pay no mind to a tasty looking traditional kebari. So I switched to heavier flies to get at the trout hangin’ out on the bottom of the river. Surprisingly I had the greatest luck with a lightning bug that I found on the bank of the Gunpowder in Maryland last season. Then I caught a nice tree branch with it and rather than consign myself to looking at fish instead of catching them I started tying my own. Lo’ and behold they worked, quite well in fact and much to the shock and disbelief of many Japanese anglers. One very friendly angler┬ásaid that the Japanese fly fish with very tiny flies, around size 26, and she couldn’t believe I was catching fish with a size 12 hook!

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