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Camping on the Tama River (多摩川)

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I am currently wrapped in my sleeping bag, overlooking the Tama River and waiting for the sun to crest over the hillside.

Yesterday I explored the Doshi River 道志川 as well as three or four stocked trout farm stream operations. I’ll write a more detailed blog post when I get home as I’m experimenting with my mobile blogging app on my iPhone right now.

After a full day of fishing and some exciting Japanese mountain driving we arrived at Hikawa Camping Grounds. It is absolutely beautiful here and we practically have the entire place to ourselves! The cherry blossoms are going off, the birds are singing, and the fish are rising. It doesn’t get any better than this. 


These photos were taken by my buddy Cameron Kline who operates the site Film Shooters Collective They are all taken on the Tama River

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