My name is Isaac Tait. I am originally from Maryland (and California before that). I discovered Tenkara in the spring of 2013 and spent a considerable time on the streams, lakes and rivers of Maryland, Texas, and California living and breathing Tenkara. Early on in my journey I caught all manner of fish, including Fallfish – a fish that I feel does not get the credit it deserves. When I lived in Maryland those Fallfish became an obsession of mine. I was always out looking for Fallfish and prefered to catch them over trout (yea I know I’m crazy).

Then in the Fall of 2014 I moved to Japan – far far away from Fallfish. However, I discovered new species of fish – Iwana, Yamame, and the occasional Amago. Words cannot even begin to describe the places that these fish inhabit – stunning, breathtaking, heart stopping; the Japanese mountain streams are truly the stuff that fairytales are made of.

Japan is a fairly small country, with an area of 145,925 sq mi it is smaller than the State of California! However, this island has 11 major rivers with a drainage area of over 31,480 square miles (that is over 20% of the country)! There are certainly several lifetimes worth of rivers to explore in this ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Knowing where to even start is half the battle though. The other half of the battle is figuring out how to get there, how to negotiate the language and cultural differences, and to ensure that you are fishing within the bounds of the law. However, for a non-native speaking individual much of this need to know information can be hard to come by.

I created Fallfish Tenkara as a resource for the non-Japanese native Tenkara and/or fly fishing angler who is either visiting, or who may have recently moved to this island nation. From the beginning I did not want to provide too much information and take all the fun out of it. However, having a place to start or at the very least getting a glimpse of what is out there to whet your appetite has been my intention from the get go.

So feel free to sift through the information I have compiled. I am adding more and more everyday – and if you see something I missed or have any questions please drop me a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Email