The Sagamigawa

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Last week I came across an interesting article in my Twitter feed from the good folks at Hatch Magazine. Tenkara casting in the wind:[email protected]@[email protected] — Hatch Magazine (@hatchflymag) October 8, 2015 The article, which was written by Constantin Huet, starts off praising the merits of Tenkara and how the sport … Read More

Climbing The Mountain Of Death

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On the edge of Gunma and Niigata Prefecture lies an area that many refer to as “Little Alaska”. While there are numerous jagged mountains scraping the heavens, the king of the area is without a doubt the majestic Mount Tanigawa (Tanigawadake) but it is also known as the Mountain of Death. Tanigawadake has … Read More

End of the Tenkara Season – Part I

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It was the hottest recorded summer this year in Japan, so much so that besides a brief foray into the Sierra Nevada Mountains during a visit home in June, I had forgotten what it was like to be cold. That all changed on the morning of September 30th when I … Read More

Silver Week & Tenkara

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There is a waterfall deep in the Tanzawa Mountains. What intrigues me the most with this waterfall is not its stature (it’s only a scant 12 meters in height) but the relentless, voluminous, crystal clear and turquoise hue of the water. I first came across this waterfall last winter which is when, the trees and bushes have lost their green finery, you can easily see an old wooden ladder bolted to the cliff beside the waterfall. However, during the spring and summer when the greenery engulfs the countryside the ladder nearly disappears from sight and only the memory of it remains.

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